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The Nature Journal Facebook Club:
Join the club for news and posts from other nature journalers. Jack offers a free (donations gladly accepted) 1-1/2 hour demonstration on a journal topic on the 2nd Tuesday and Wednesday of each month, and leads one all-day outing on the 4th Sunday of the month. This is an amazing gift and opportunity for all of us living in the Bay Area.

Sierra Nevada Field Campus:
This is where it all began for me. It's a wonderful rustic campus offering nature related classes of all kinds.
SFSU Sierra Nevada Field Campus

The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada, John Muir Laws, Heyday Books. 2007
The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds, John Muir Laws, Heyday Books, 2012
What I Learned at Bug Camp, Sarah Juniper Rabkin, Juniper Lake Press, 2011
A Trail Through Leaves, Hannah Hinchman, Norton Books, 1997
Keeping A Nature Journal, Clare Walker Leslie & Charles E. Roth, 1980


My Favorite Resources

"Thank you, Kristin, for being the kind, non-judgmental teacher you are. We are all so much fuller than we were before the weekend: full of the nuances of color, the geometry of shape ... of the stillness and concentration of trying to distill a moment in time to a drip of color on paper. And full of the pleasure of spending two days in such delightful company; that this adventure would be so fun was such a nice accessory to the class."

– Sarah, Workshop Participant, April 2014