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Where Sky & Land Meet in Your Watercolor Nature Journal

Sunday, Jan 19, 2020,10am - 4pm

Marin Museum
of Contemporary Art 

781 Hamilton Parkway, Novato 94949

In this workshop you will learn to create a sense of place in your journals with miniature landscapes. As in all of my workshops, you will begin the day with an introduction to your compact kit, and learn to mix a full range of nuanced colors using our limited palette of 8 pigments. I will present you with teaching aids that give you hands-on experience in simplifying what you see in the landscape as well as techniques to create depth in your sketches and paintings. Your . kit includes a journal, palette, water brush and other essential tools, to continue creating these little jewels. All levels welcome.

*$55 Required Kit fee. No substitutions, please. You may bring a kit from one of Kristin's previous workshops in lieu of the fee.