The High Sierra Landscape Journal Page


The memories you make in your time in nature are enhanced by combining close-up studies, sense-of-place landscapes, writing, and color matching. The combination of multiple elements on one page alleviates the angst of making a perfect single painting and allows for the creation of a journal page that portrays the full depth of your experience as you tap into all your senses.


This workshop begins with an introduction to your compact kit including a description of the tools and their use, color mixing and matching, followed by exercises in page layout using flexible grids that help organize material and create a cohesive presentation of elements. Each morning the group will drive to various locations in the Lakes Basin and Sierra Buttes areas where you will hike 1-3 miles round trip, exploring each area intimately in your journal. Kristin will give on-site demonstrations in the mornings throughout the week to help you get started. The group will return mid-afternoon to the Field Campus to relax by the river or take a swim in nearby lakes. During late afternoon or early evening meetings students will be given hands-on exercises in preparation for the next day's destination.


Students of ALL LEVELS are encouraged to join.


**The backbone of this workshop is Kristin's compact yet powerful watercolor nature journaling kit. All the tools have been carefully sourced to maximize your individual success as well as to encourage a deep and cohesive collective experience. To that end, the $55 kit is REQUIRED with NO exceptions unless you bring one of Kristin's kits with you from one of her previous workshops.

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