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Deepen Your Experience in Nature
with Kristin Meuser's
Watercolor Nature Journal Workshops


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I offer workshops that give you hands-on skill-building exercises that will help you "see" and render the individual colors, shapes and  textures of our beloved natural world. All levels welcome!

      herever you are in the world you're invited to join a community of students who have found connection and support through my on-line workshops.


During our three hours together I present examples of my journal pages and weave in photos of the subject we are exploring. I work along side you with an overhead camera so you can see and hear my process start to finish which is only possible in the zoom experience.


You also have access to a recording of the workshop and a file of the slideshow presentation if you can't be there "live."

These workshops can't replace in-person workshops, but rather are a way to prepare you for journaling on your own or with friends and family.


Why Zoom?

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