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Thank you, Kristin ... for jam-packing your course with so much useful instruction and wonderful opportunities for observing and painting. 
– Kathy S
SNFC Workshop Participant

Kristin's organized presentation of nature journaling simplifies some of the complexities of painting the natural world by leading students through studio exercises then following up with application of the principles out on the trail. I really appreciated being allowed enough time outdoors to absorb the beautiful surroundings - the sounds, the colors, the smells and textures and truly get a sense of place. I left very inspired  to continue working regularly in my journal. 
– Renee F
SNFC Workshop Participant
Kristin’s thoughtful approach for the daily lessons were perfect for both beginner or accomplished artist. She combined both technical instruction that was easy to understand, with a love of nature that is infectious to all who were present!
– Cindy W
Emandal ArtStays



As a 70 year old male, not having done anything with watercolor since kindergarten, I entered a week-long watercolor nature journaling class with Kristin with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Kristin was able adeptly to meet my learning needs, as well as participants with decades of art experience. Her unique focus on step-by-step skill development, combined with attention to opportunities for awe and wonder, opened up for each of us worlds of newness, depth and expression. I’m grateful for further initiation into the naturalist’s practice of observation and inquiry, combined with following the path of beauty. I look forward to continuing my artistic development with Kristin’s sure guidance.

– Pat F
SNFC Workshop

Kristin is a gifted teacher. She teaches mixing color from three primary colors and other techniques that are very useful in keeping a journal. I took a lot away from her workshop feeling confident that I can do this. And I have.

– Karen M

SNFC Workshop


I thoroughly enjoyed Kristin's Natural Journaling class! She is inspiring, thoughtful and well organized. I very much appreciated the time she took to prepare our lessons and materials and find just the right places for us to journal. Her class was a highlight of my summer!

– Debi L

SNFC Workshop Participant

I have taken one day workshops from Kristin, then a weekend workshop and recently a whole week in the Sierra's with her working on nature journaling.  What a pleasure it was to go from just a few hours to weeks together. I am always picking up little tid bits to help me in my journaling quest and have learned so much from each day, weekend, week, I've spent with her. She makes nature journaling so accessible and has helped me gather skills and gain confidence in my ability to put onto paper the beauty I see in nature.  It no longer is a task but a joy to grab my kit and capture my experience on paper, whether it be in my home town or in my travels.  

– Mari L
SNFC Workshop

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