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Emandal Farm Retreat - Along the Eel River

JAugust 17 - 21, 2020

Emandal Farm, Willits, CA

Taking the time to sketch, paint and write in your journal is a path to connect deeply to nature and beyond to your own inner nature. This year we will focus on water, as well as the flora and fauna found along the Eel River. You will develop the skills to quickly and accurately record your day in nature through sketching, painting and writing.


During our morning workshops we will take short walks to various locations along the river where we will study the magic of water and surroundings by opening to all our senses, and recording them through sketching, painting, and writing.

In the afternoons we will dive further into the process of capturing our experience on the pages of our journals and finding time to swim in the river and explore the trails and gardens of Emandal. Later we will share soiree style with other campers.

You will learn to mix a full range of nuanced colors with just 8 pigments, and I will give you hands-on materials that will give you confidence in exploring these natural wonders. We will share our work as we go, learning from each other, and weaving this into our journals. 

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