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The Mountains Around Us
-– The Nature Within

Saturday - Sunday, April 25 - 26, 2020, 9am - 4pm each day.

Redding, California

In the valley surrounded by the majestic Mt Shasta and Mt Lassen, my friend Marcía and I will combine my watercolor nature journal teaching with a taste of her movement and meditation practice at her Heart of Yoga Studio in Redding, CA.


Saturday you will be introduced to your compact kit that includes eight watercolor pigments that you will learn to transform into a full range of nuanced colors. You'll then be given hands-on exercises to simplify sketching and painting the majesty of the mountains, and the flora nearby, breaking periodically for short periods of meditation, poetry and movement. On Sunday we will venture into areas nearby the mountains of Shasta or Lassen to practice our skills and I will introduce writing exercises that foster the connection between our inner nature and the nature around us. 

Lodging in Redding:

Americana Modern Motel

Thunderbird Lodge

Both of these are within one to two blocks of the Yoga Studio

Fee: $250 includes two days of class and a compact, carefully sourced kit containing a journal, a palette with pigments, a waterbrush and other essential tools for you to continue your practice at home.

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