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Regions of California in the Tilden Botanic Garden

June 27 *and/or 28, 2020

9am – 3pm

Tilden Park, Regional Native Plant Garden, Berkeley, CA

The Regional Parks Botanic Garden is a naturally beautiful and tranquil living museum of California native plants. Located within Tilden Park in the hills above Berkeley, California, this enchanting 10-acre garden is a sanctuary for many of the state’s rare and endangered plants and a place for visitors to wander among trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses from plant communities throughout the state.


On Saturday you we will explore color mixing of the 8 colors in your compact kit to match the full range of hues you’ll find in the garden. There will be hands-on exercises in capturing close-ups of native plants as well as distance sense-of-place landscapes. 


Sunday we will explore page layout before heading out to paint, write and create a day of memories in your nature journal. Kristin will be sharing her techniques through on-site demonstrations.


*You may take either day individually, but Sunday you will benefit from either taking the Saturday class or a prior workshop with Kristin.

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