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Create a Sierra Wildflower Guide

Date Jul 5-10, 2020

Sierra Nevada Field Campus

Bassets, CA

Each Sierra wildflower has a unique life of its own, and each year's bloom is a surprise. From the tiniest to the most showy flowers, the High Sierras provide the habitat for huge diversity. You are invited to create an illustrated Sierra Wildflower Guide during your week at the Sierra Nevada Field Campus.


This workshop begins with an introduction to your compact kit including a description of the tools and their use, color mixing and matching, followed by basic flower anatomy that will help students understand how to sketch and paint flowers in the field. Four full days of flower discovery, sketching, and painting will be yours as you are guided to peaceful and dramatic locations in the Sierra Buttes and Lakes Basin areas where you will hike 1-3 miles roundtrip each day allowing for plenty of time to sketch, paint and write about the flowers you encounter. In the mornings Kristin will give a painting demonstration on the trail, followed by suggestions for creating a wildflower field guide in your journal. The group will return to the Field Campus by mid-afternoon for relaxation by the river or a swim in nearby lakes. In late afternoon or early evening meetings, students will have an opportunity to sketch and paint specific flowers in preparation for the following day's location using Kristin's hands-on exercises.

** I'm thrilled to have Lori Bellis, an expert biologist, join as my assistant during this workshop. Lori's deep knowledge of local flowers coupled with my guidance in sketching, painting and writing, will surely help to create a richly informative wildflower guide.


Students of ALL LEVELS are encouraged to join.


**The backbone of this workshop is Kristin's compact yet powerful watercolor nature journaling kit. All the tools have been carefully sourced to maximize your individual success as well as to encourage a deep and cohesive collective experience. To that end, the $55 kit is REQUIRED with NO exceptions unless you bring one of Kristin's kits with you from one of her previous workshops.

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